3 Secrets To Build A Physically, Mentally & Spiritually Stronger Version of Yourself !

Learn to set right goals and expectation, build a sustainable fitness lifestyle through effective and personalised exercise,nutrition and progress tracking system.

Over 700+ people have already benefitted from this system.

About Me

Hi I am Adarsh Desai

I am a Mechanical Engineer turned Fitness Coach and a Gym Owner living in Dharwad Karnataka. As someone who has always struggled with low-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, I am on a mission to build a biggest community of Kannada Men to help them become a stronger version of themselves through physical fitness and mindset coaching. While growing up, I was a weak and skinny kid with no special talents and interests which led me into a life of extreme unfulfillment, unhappiness and disappointment in oneself. My physical transformation sparked the life transformation turning me into a Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Stronger Version of Myself and made me ready to fulfil my true potential. I do believe every man has an immense unfulfilled potential and fitness can be a first step to start the journey of fulfilment of one’s potential.

Build Strong Men

I want to help 100,000 Men Transform into a Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Stronger Version of themselves.

Strength Training

I have been a Fitness Coach for 4yrs and coached over 700+ people and helped several of them to lose fat, build muscle and strength and setup a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Stronger Men Club

I founded this community in the year 2023 to help Men to come together and work towards becoming physically, mentally and spiritually stronger together.

Stronger Men Club

Lifestyle Mastery

Get in control of your lifestyle and life direction.

3-Pillars of Fitness

Understand what matters when it comes to become the fitter version of yourself.

Lifelong Success

Track your progress and take corrective steps that will set you up for a life of success.

We have Heard Great user Experience

I was inspired by Adarsh’s videos on fitness and his transformation itself. Approached him to help me get into a fitness routine and have been following his regimen for the past few weeks. His methods and plans are scientific, balanced and flexible. I had limitations of equipment and time but he designed the virtual coaching program around those limited resources. All you need is a will to get fit, rest he will take care!

Sameer Byakod


Started my fitness journey with Adarsh in May 2022. Reached to him with the very generic goal of "I want to be fit". There were many unknowns when I started. Adarsh helped me understand all basic concepts of fitness. He explained what is the effective way to lose fat. Explained the importance of Calorie Deficit and Weight training. 

With the training plan and Diet plan given, within 3 month I started seeing results. 

Started with 81KG(28% Body Fat) and now(Mar-23) at 68 KG (17% Body Fat).

I will be completing one year within the Fitness journey and my current goal is to get myself 6 Packs. Fitness journey has been wonderful and easy to follow. One of the best compliments I got is from my daughter who started calling me "Hi Strongy". What a great feeling.

To end with I would say -- "Get Fit in Gym and Lose Weight in Kitchen"

Sridhar Kulkarni

  IT Professional

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